How Does SYSTEMK4 Dry Cleaning Work?


Our experienced Research and Development chemists worked hard in our laboratories in Germany to create an alternative solution for dry cleaners that would clean as well as PERC without the negative attributes that make it unsafe. SYSTEMK4 was the answer! 

Before launching a Clean Show in 2011, SYSTEMK4 was extensively tested in our labs in Germany, at a manufacturing plant in Italy, and with select dry cleaners in the United States. A global project from Germany to Italy to the United States ensured that thought leaders from R&D chemists to machine manufacturers to dry cleaners using solvents every day added their expertise to the final product. 

SYSTEMK4 makes cleaning more accessible, more convenient, and more efficient. 

SYSTEMK4 is an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning process. Its essential component is a halogen-free component, SOLVONK4. SOLVONK4 is non-toxic and highly effective.  

SOLVONK4 is a powerful cleaning solvent that matches or exceeds conventional cleaning performance. This product is not classified as hazardous or harmful. The product is biodegradable and dermatologically tested with “very good” results.