What is SYSTEMK4 Dry Cleaning?

SYSTEMK4 is an environmentally friendly mix of bio-degradable cleaning solutions and energy-saving technology that offers exceptional cleaning and production results. The basic component of the system is a halogen-free solvent that, when used properly, eliminates environmental risk to air, water, soil, and, most importantly, humans. In addition, SYSTEMK4 is hypo-allergenic and has been tested as “very good” by dermatologists.

SYSTEMK4 uses SOLVONK4 an environmentally non-toxic, halogen-free solvent offering excellent cleaning performance with greater than 99% pureness. This innovative solution dissolves and absorbs lipophilic (fats, greases, and oils), hydrophilic (water-soluble) and saline (salt-based) soils with minimal fiber abrasion, leaving textiles with less creasing and a pleasant, smooth feel. In addition, SOLVONK4 is biodegradable and has been dermatologically tested with “very good” results. At Cotty’s, it’s our commitment to you our customer to expertly clean your clothes and textiles with the best result while ensuring the environment is well protected too.

The unique advantages of SYSTEMK4 are clear:
• Excellent cleaning quality
• Clean, fresh scent
• Brighter colors and whiter whites
• Non-toxic
• Dermatologically tested
• Biodegradable

• Environmentally-safe
• Energy, water, and disposal cost savings
• Gentle Cleaning of Textiles, Leather, and Furs
• Reduced Finishing
• Increased productivity
• Reduced multiprocessing