Reinvented the way organic dry cleaning.

Specialist Organic Dry Cleaners & Tailor Alterations in Westbury

Specialist Organic Dry Cleaners & Tailor Alterations in Westbury

We put in a new type of dry cleaning machine that uses non-toxic solvents.  These non-toxic SYSTEMK4 solvents are actually more gentle to your clothes, leaving them softer, brighter, and lasting longer compared to the “older” dry cleaning method. 

Through a combination of investment in the latest technology, using the best available solvents and chemicals and by employing skilled employees we provide the highest level of quality and service. 

We have over 20 years of combined dry cleaning experience between us and we believe this provides you with access to a true value-added service. 

Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation for providing unrivaled, professional, and reliable service and we always aim to exceed customer expectations. 

We process every garment with the highest degree of care and attention and always place customer satisfaction at the core of our service. 

Attention to detail on every garment we handle differentiates us from most dry cleaners.  It is also why many business professionals chose us for all their dry cleaning and household needs. 

We go above and beyond to guarantee you look your best and experience the best in dry cleaning!

We provide the utmost care to each and every customer with professionalism and a smile. We truly believe in providing the finest quality and highest level of service. 

Whatever the case may be, we cover all facets of alterations from fit adjustments to garment repairs.

Our seamstresses are among the best and can do almost anything with them. From the simplest repair to the most extreme alteration, rest assured we can handle it for you!

Our specialty services include organic dry cleaning clothes, hand-ironed iron-finished shirts, wedding gown preservation, cocktail dress cleaning, household items

We understand the increasing demands of modern life and to help assist and provide a local area pickup and delivery home service for your convenience. 

Give us a try, Call us, or contact us to set up an account. 

Our representative will assist you immediately.

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