Wet Cleaning is a system that provides safe and sanitary treatment of “Dry Clean Only” clothing

Wet Cleaning is a system that provides safe and sanitary treatment of “Dry Clean Only” clothing

“The Difference”

Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning is a system that enables cleaners to safely process “Dry Clean Only” garments. This system was specifically designed to deliver optimum cleaning results while still providing outstanding protection to fibers.
To protect the fibers, the garments are first wetted by a mixture of water and specially designed detergents. Only after this critical step does the actual cleaning process begin.
The Samsung Tech Professional washer accurately controls water levels, temperature settings, detergent dosing levels, and drum rotation rhythm. An exceptionally high final extraction cycle quickly removes the majority of water from the garments.
With exceptional accuracy, the Samsung Tech Professional dryer then measures the garment’s residual moisture, optimizing cycle times, saving energy, and protecting the garments from over-drying.

“The Benefits” 

Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning is increasingly popular as both cleaners and their customers are discovering its many advantages.
It produces superior cleaning results, providing garments with a fresh scent and a soft feel kind to sensitive skin.
Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning enables cleaners to add flexibility to their plant or even replace current solvent-based cleaning methods.
As approximately 90% of all soil types are water-soluble, Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning greatly reduces spotting time.
Plus, the cleaner is able to produce whiter whites in an environmentally safe cleaning system.
Another benefit is that it extends the range of services to cover not only “Dry Clean Only” garments but also leather, suede, restoration work, wedding gowns, larger household items, stuffed animals, and sports pads. Samsung machines also easily process traditional laundered garments, such as cotton dress shirts, jeans, and similar items.

“The Future ”

Samsung Tech engineers design user-friendly program flexibility, superior performance, trouble-free operation, and limited environmental impact on every machine.
These attributes are very evident in the Professional Wet Cleaning system.
The Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning system provides truly professional cleaning results with minimal water, electric, and detergent consumption.
The Samsung Tech system uses only water and biodegradable detergent, making it the safest for the environment, operator, and customer.
Operators of the Samsung system may also realize substantial financial benefits.
Besides wet cleaning is proven by a recent New York State study as more cost-effective than any other cleaning system on the market today, the Samsung Tech Professional Wet Cleaning  system is encouraged through various grant programs throughout the country.