SYSTEMK4 is an innovative procedure for cleaning textiles

SystemK4 is a type of dry cleaning technology that uses a halogen-free solvent. The name “K4” comes from the four components used in the cleaning process: solvents, detergents, cleaning boosters, and water.

The solvent used in SystemK4 is a Bio-based SOLVONK4 liquid that is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly. It is also gentle on fabrics and colors and has a low odor.

SYSTEMK4 is an innovative procedure for cleaning textiles, leather, and furs for which we have applied for a worldwide patent. The heart of the procedure is SOLVONK4, a halogen-free, organic solvent with a purity of more than 99% and excellent cleaning performance. It has the same cleaning power as perchloroethylene which it even exceeds in some regards.

It is also a completely biodegradable organic solvent that does not require labeling and is not rated as a dangerous material or substance in Europe; it has also been dermatologically tested with a “very good” result.

In the SystemK4 dry cleaning process, garments are first inspected and sorted based on their fabric type and cleaning requirements. They are then pre-treated with detergents and cleaning boosters to help loosen dirt and stains.

Next, the garments are placed in the dry cleaning machine, which uses the K4 solvent to dissolve and remove any remaining dirt and stains. The solvent is then separated from the garments and recycled, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.