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Wedding Dress CLeaning

Bridal and Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Bridal gown preservation and wedding gown restoration are our specialties. We clean gowns according to standard museum quality practices and preserve them according to their standards.

Joe’s Cleaners Wedding Gown Specialists offer consultations for evaluating the condition of your new bridal gown, your couture gown, your family gown, or your vintage wedding dress.

Ask about pressing for your wedding day and free pick-up and delivery. We can also pack your destination wedding gown so that you can safely travel with your wedding dress.  

Caring for your Gown After the Wedding,  Most brides want to preserve their dress as a keepsake, perhaps for their daughter to wear on another special day. Experts at the International Fabric Care Institute, the worldwide association of professional dry cleaners and launderers, recommend cleaning your dress before storage.

The dress may contain invisible stains caused by various foods and beverages, as well as perspiration and body oils. These will later appear as permanent yellow stains if not properly cared for in cleaning. During the one-on-one consultation, we will go over any spills, stains or repairs needed, including beadwork or tears.

A wedding dress change for many brides, the stress of planning a wedding for months can lead to some weight loss or gain before the wedding finally arrives. Many brides find that they need to make last-minute changes right before the wedding day.